Our Quality Promise


At Eukanuba, we are also pet owners and pet lovers, and we feed Eukanuba to our dogs and cats every day. We know that both the reliability and safety of Eukanuba products are very important, and we’ve dedicated over 60 years to assuring our products are of the highest quality, starting with their ingredients.

We go further than typical pet food quality assurance practices to make sure that all our nutrition that you feed is healthy and safe for your pets. Independent expert inspections ensure that we maintain the highest-quality procedures using tests consistent with what is done with human foods. This level of testing allows you to feed your pets with peace of mind.

Here is our promise to you:

We insist on using only high-quality ingredients, with animal-based protein at the heart of our products. All the animal protein comes from animals that are passed fit for human consumption. The philosophy of Eukanuba is to use animal based proteins from sources such as chicken, egg, lamb, and fish to feed dogs as carnivores. This means we do not use vegetable or cereal-based proteins as a primary protein source. We now systematically trace our ingredients back to their origin and our main ingredients - protein, cereal and fat, come from Europe, New Zealand and the United States.

We run rigorous testing at every step of production. Before you even open a bag of Eukanuba there have been more than 120 quality tests run on the food inside. It starts with testing at the suppliers prior to shipment and continues when we inspect every single delivery of ingredients at our plant. If it does not meet our standards then the delivery is turned away and rejected. Then all of the manufacturing process is closely monitored during food production and finally when the food is packed and sealed in the bag.

Our suppliers are carefully chosen. Many of our suppliers are long-term partners who have worked with us for years, but we still check every delivery from every supplier and require transparent certification on all ingredients. Not everyone can supply Eukanuba ingredients. We have rigorous quality-assurance assessments that each and every ingredient supplier has to meet. All ingredients must pass tests before they are permitted to enter the building, and the supplier must also provide a certificate to show that the ingredient meets our standards. If it fails any of these steps, then it is rejected.

We voluntarily have inspections by independent experts. Independent experts audit our quality, and we have received the highest rating for almost a decade, a track record many human food producers would be proud to have. The American Institute of Baking (AIB) International, a well-respected and leading independent certification authority that conducts safety and sanitation inspections of human food plants, also conducts independent inspections of our pet food plants each year.The AIB principally checks and audits human food manufacturing facilities. We volunteered to undergo this rigorous inspection nearly 20 years ago because we wanted independent validation that our quality standards were well-integrated throughout our manufacturing process. Since almost a decade we have consistently received their highest ranking of “Superior”, a rating that many human food producers would be proud to have.