Creating Each Eukanuba Taste

If your dog loves eating, taste kind of matters. But if your dog is a picky eater, taste is everything. To give your dog the nutrition he needs, all Eukanuba dog foods have been methodically tested to ensure that even the pickiest of dogs and dog breeds will eat it up. Here’s why:

Fresh, Natural Ingredients Are in Every Eukanuba

Dog Food

We believe that dogs (and cats), like people, want tempting cuisine. That's why we use only high-quality, wholesome ingredients that give our food a scent, flavor, and texture that appeals specifically to dogs’ taste buds.

The four core nutritional components that we pack into every Eukanuba dry or wet product are:

  1. High quality animal proteins for muscle development and maintenance
  2. Tailored carbohydrate blends to ensure that your dog has the energy to play
  3. Healthy, delicious fats to make the food tasty and minimise inflammation in the body
  4. Antioxidants to build and support immune health.

With Eukanuba there's no need to add food colouring or flavour enhances as our wholesome ingredients do the job.

Dogs Taste It, Review It, and Love It

We don’t just rely on our nutritionists to tell us our formula is tasty. Instead, we routinely sample our formulas with dogs of many breeds and sizes to find out what they enjoy most.

At Eukanuba , we know that dog people buy our dog food because it is loaded with the best nutrients nature offers. And we know dogs won't benefit if they refuse to eat it. That’s why we never cut corners when it comes to taste. We go the extra mile, so you and your dog can, too.