Tartar deposits are much more difficult to remove than plaque and form a rough surface for more plaque to adhere to. Together, plaque and tartar can lead to significant oral problems for dogs – including bad breathe, gum inflammation, loss of teeth, and eating difficulties.  When you feed your dog Eukanuba, the DentalCare System plays an important role in helping maintain a healthy mouth.

Extraordinary Dog Facts

Extraordinarily, by about four months of age dogs have 42 permanent teeth - 20 on the top of their mouth and 22 on the bottom.

Why it Works

Eukanuba's DentalCare System offers a dual action cleaning benefit. During his meal, crunchy kibble helps remove deposits from your dog’s teeth. After he eats, special minerals keep tartar-forming materials from attaching to his teeth. [Works during and after meals Chart].

around the clock prevention

In fact, Eukanuba's DentalCare System is clinically proven to reduce tartar build-up by an impressive 55%. Which is a good thing, because by the age of three, almost 85% of dogs show signs of dental/oral issues.