The next time your eight-year-old son needs a gross fact for show-and-tell, send him to school with a Ziploc baggie of dog hair and this information:

Some dogs grow 100 feet of fur per day — the equivalent of the length of six SUVs. That's adding up all the new strands covering the entire animal end-to-end, including the fluff between Trixie's toes. So if it seems your dog sheds a lot on your blue velvet sofa, well, she probably does. In fact, dogs expend so much energy growing their coats that nearly 30 percent of an animal's protein requirement is dedicated solely for that purpose.

This is why you need to make sure your pet gets enough protein in her diet. If she is lacking such building blocks, her body will dedicate the nutrients to her muscles first, leaving her fur (and skin) dull and dry. Lucky for you, there's Eukanuba.

While we can't promise our food will stop the shedding, we can tell you that the fur left behind will be shiny and lustrous. Maybe you'll even have enough left on your couch to knit a sweater. (All together now: Ewe, grosssss!)

The Importance of a Good Hair Day

Seriously, though. Your dog's coat is an indicator of her overall health. Furthermore, it protects her from the elements as well as parasites. So, even if you don't show your Maltese on the breeder's circuit, it is critical that her fur be in top condition. At Eukanuba, we add a precise balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to our food to help ensure this. You can further improve her coat with regular grooming.

The Amazing Dog Coat

The property of a dog's fur is simply unbelievable. Consider that dog fur is:

  • Eight times warmer than wool
  • Fire resistant
  • Wards off dirt
  • Repels static

Feed your dog a healthy diet and the world will know by looking at her coat. You might even get compliments. If that's the case, consider taking up spinning. After all, alpaca hoodies are so passé.