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I love my new Puppy


I love my new Puppy

July 10, 2017

By: Maree Edwards

Eukanuba Resources

If your puppy is a large or giant breed, he will have a very steep growth curve and his nutritional needs can change dramatically over short periods of time. 

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Ideally he should be weighed and evaluated at least once every 2 weeks to ensure he is growing at an appropriate rate.

Controlled feeding of a special large breed puppy diet, which contains reduced amounts of energy and calcium compared to small breed puppy food, can help control growth rate. This will help avoid the problems caused by excess weight and developmental bone problems.

As people realize how accessible dog agility is and how addictive the challenges are for both dogs and humans, the sport has taken off. Ace Russell, owner of Agility Center of East Tennessee and inventor of Way to Weave, a weave pole manufacturer, attests to how compelling agility is for both handlers and canines. He came to the sport after showing dogs in conformation for years and was immediately hooked.

Russell helped sponsor the first agility trial in East Tennessee and, over the course of a few years, became an instructor. He now serves as the training director for the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club. “The nice aspect of agility is that it is relatively easy to get involved,” says Russell. “The commitment of time and money can vary based on the passion of the competitors.”

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